Like any self respecting semi-geek, I use firefox (when I’m in windows). So when I redesigned this site recently, I did all my testing in firefox, and it went well. I know IE has weird display glitches with CSS, but those can usually be minimized by keeping your css simple. (heh heh, don’t go inspecting my css now – it’s not *that* clean). So tonight I realized I haven’t looked at my site with Internet Explorer since I redesigned it. So I went peeking around, and it looked pretty good. There were a few little glitches here and there that were pretty simple to fix.

Then I noticed it. The google maps I have in the travel section were not displaying. Weird. Then I go to and click on hybrid (or satellite) and what happens? No map. I even went so far as to go to maps help to try to fix the browser. No luck. So has microsoft done something to IE7 so it won’t work with google maps? Even a little browser like konqueror (KDE‘s web browser) works with google maps.

So anyway, if you’re checking out some travel album, and the maps are blank, try using Firefox instead of IE.

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