No Photos?!!!

It has been a very full summer. I was selling photos at the Edmonton Folk Fest last week. There was a last minute scramble to get the 11x14s and 16x20s mounted and bagged. We couldn’t find anyone in the city to sell us print racks, so we had to build our own in the space of a couple days. I’m pretty proud of what we came up with – if you want to see them, I’ll be at Kaliedo from September 10-12. There are a number of other changes I want to make to improve my display, but overall I think it looked pretty good, and I had a really good response. I got to meet and talk with a bunch of great and interesting people.

I have a couple photos in the VAAA Open Photo Juried Exhibition. The opening is tonight (August 12, 6:00 – 8:00pm) in the Kaasa Gallery in the Jubilee Auditorium. It will run until September 23.

So no photos for today. I’m hoping to get away from it all for a bit this week. It seems like the more I get into this business of photography the less time there is for it.

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