Lack of Inspiration

Sometimes a place just doesn’t talk to me. I’m never sure in these cases whether I’m just having an off day, or if the place is just not photogenic. Maybe the light is not matching up with the subjects I’m thinking of, maybe things are great but I just can’t see them. I still take photos, and work that much harder to try to get a good photo, but in the end I still feel let down. Ironically, some of my better images come from these outings, but I usually don’t find them until I’ve had a chance to distance myself from the experience.

Last week I went out to Ministik Bird Sanctuary. I’ve been there a few times before, but this time I tried a new access point (it is a pretty huge area) recommended to me by a friend. I had a good hike, but struggled with the photos. As it turns out, you don’t have to be inspired to take photos.

4 thoughts on “Lack of Inspiration”

  1. Great shots Joel, I especially like #3 & 4 (& 5). What a great time of year to be out photographing, although I definitely know the “uninspired” feeling you’re talking about. Sometimes it works out well (like these), other times it’s all ©rap–but at least I had a good walk…

    Did you try the northern/UofA road access point? I’ve been exploring the South-west areas (based on your tip), mostly along Oliver Lake. I’ve posted a few shots on my own site (see )

    Thanks for the inspiring post,

  2. Thanks!

    Jonathan – yeah I parked the U of A road, except I immediately went off on the Waskahegan Trail, followed it for a bit until it faded into nothingness. Then I just bushwhacked back to to road, followed a much better signed Waskahegan trail, and then walked back on the road after dark.

    It looks like you got some great stuff from there – especially the mornings with the mist over the lakes! I’ll have to get out there before sunrise sometime. These days I’m usually out in the evenings.

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