Palm Warbler in the Forest

I took my first Wildlife Biodiversity and Ecology class last night and it was fascinating. It was a three hour class on Ornithology (birds) and it seemed way too short. It’s always awesome to see a whole new world open up before you, that you vaguely knew was there, but had no idea what it involved. I hope I have the time and motivation to follow up on this brief introduction (although I suspect I’m going to hope the same thing for every other class). John Acorn is a very interesting prof, and I’m really looking forward to the rest of this class.

I thought I’d post a bird photo in honor of the class, but ironically I wasn’t able to identify it. I obviously need more classes and/or experience. So I suspect this is some sort of warbler (maybe a Palm Warbler? edit – yup, it’s a Palm Warbler — Dendroica palmarum). I found it in a poplar forest in northern Saskatchewan.

2 thoughts on “Palm Warbler in the Forest”

  1. Hi Joel – I took a quick look in one of Uncle Jack’s bird books, and the picture looks the same. I’ll ask him to check it when he gets in from his ski tonight.

  2. Looks like a Palm Warbler to me—the pattern on the undertail is pretty distinctive, and the rest matches—although the high-contrast in the photo makes the chestnut patches on the head look much darker than in person (or in a field guide). Nice sighting, and a great photo. I’m sure you’ll love the class…

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