Night Sky Over Lake Louise

Another night shot from Lake Louise. You can see the constellation of Orion right above Fairview Mountain and the Pleiades star cluster a little higher and to the right. The brightest star you can see right at the bottom is Sirius – the brightest star (besides our sun of course). That’s pretty much the extent of my constellation knowledge (for this part of the sky anyway). If there are any astonomy or mythology buffs out there, feel free to chime in.

4 thoughts on “Night Sky Over Lake Louise”

    1. This is something I’ve had a problem with too, but this time I got it. First of all, it’s at 17mm, which lets me have a little longer exposure times without getting trails. I also had to bump up the ISO a bit to get a fast enough shutter. Even this is stretching it a little. I’d love to get a 24 f1.4 for night shooting. Anyway, here’s the info:

      20 seconds
      ISO 640
      Manually focussed to infinity using the distance scale on my lens

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