How I Love Creepy Trees

Taken on the Hayburger trail in Elk Island National Park while standing in snow above my waist. It was powdery snow, but still – hard to move. Makes me wonder how the animals survive the winter. It must take an incredible amount of energy to move anywhere at all, and food looks like it would be pretty scarce.

2 thoughts on “How I Love Creepy Trees”

  1. Great shot—I really like the heavy vignetting that you use in many of your shots, it gives great mood and focuses the attention of the image. Do you use Lightroom for this? (If so, do you mind me asking what your typical settings are?)

    1. Thanks. Yeah, this is all Lightroom. I don’t really have typical settings, except that I almost always have the feathering way up near 100. I should probably use presets more to make things faster, but I prefer to tweak things for each individual image. This one is a Paint Overlay, amount is -23, midpoint is 0, and I just left roundness alone. For less extreme vignettes I often use highlight priority because colors show through better with that, but it also seems to be much harder to feather. Sometimes for less symmetrical images where one of the edges is more important, I’ll even do this with brushes.

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