5 thoughts on “Reflections in Modeste Creek”

    1. I’m intrigued by your comment, Anna. I gather you do jewellery. Please tell me about your jewellery. For instance, how would you make a pendant of this photo?

      How can I see your projects?


      1. Hi Aunt Priscilla!

        We got some photos up—eventually they’re all going to be in the Artfire store but so far they’ve only been seen at the Spirits of Christmas craft show in Camrose. We baaaarely got some done in time for that and have been fussing over details since. I put up my take on them on the store blog (Joel is a man of few words and beautiful pictures, I prefer to babble on)

        I made bead jewelry in high school and am enjoying playing around with wire and beads again (and now resin and just starting in polymer clay)—good change from thesis work!

  1. Gorgeous shot Joel, is that the sky being reflected? I love the “ethereal-ness” of the reflection combined with the detail of the “down in the muck” aquatic vegetation. Very nice.

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