More Highlight Experimentation

Which do YOU like better? I’ve been going back to some of my older photos and trying this blowing-out-the-highlights thing. It’s a little different, and I’m still not completely sure what I think about it. So today I’m going to post two photos—from the same place, same time, and slightly different compositions.

Here’s the new one that I’m still getting used to:

Here’s the old one—this is the way things are usually done for landscape photography. I actually put my camera on my tripod, fully extended the tripod, and held it up as high as I could to get some perspective in this shot.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “More Highlight Experimentation”

  1. So, the traditional landscape one leaves me a bit cold—nice enough, but not exciting. I don’t know if that’s because of the highlights in the top one or because you can see so much more of the cracked-mud detail. It would be handy to see a print. The blown-out part makes for more interesting composition—actually, it makes me think of an unfinished painting.

    Hmm. I’ll be interested in what other people have to say too!

  2. I agree with Anna in that the traditional exposure does seem a bit dull by comparison. That being said, I’m not all that crazy about the blown-out highlights in the other photo either.
    To be blunt: if these photos do not work, it is not because you did or did not over-expose the highlights; I’m afraid this is not your best composition ever.
    I want to see you try it with this photo.

    1. Yeah, I think you’re right. It was one of those going through old photos and thinking “ooooh, what if I do this?” moments, and not so much a “this is an awesome photo” moment. I think success may depend on intentionally taking photos for this purpose, rather than finding old photos that may or may not work.

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