A couple weeks ago I was out at Clifford E Lee Wildlife Sanctuary. It was dreadfully cold and winter depression had set in. I walked around for a while, not really inspired—just trying to soak in enough sun to stay sane. I hardly even looked through my photos when I got back. Today I was going through them and found this:

Fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium) has provided me with so much color and so many great curvy lines to work with that I feel compelled to do a bit of a tribute to fireweed.

2 thoughts on “Fireweed”

  1. Awesome shots, Joel–I love the mood of the first one especially (but the colour of the buds in the last one warms my white-tired eyes this time of year…) Fireweed is so beautiful, (note the background image on every page of my website), and so often overlooked when not in full bloom–but you’ve done a great job here, thanks.

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