Flowing Color

Because I’m sure most people will be wondering about this, here’s the explanation. The top photo is the same as the bottom, except that the top has a cropping and shutter speed that I’m much happier with. This shows a little bit of the exploration of a subject process I go through when I see something interesting. (if it’s not clear — it’s a mini waterfall in grass, about a foot high)

Taken at the Ya Ha Tinda ranch.

3 thoughts on “Flowing Color”

  1. Really nice colour and motion in that one, Joel—I really like it. I appreciate when photographers take time to interpret a scene, rather than just “capture” it and present it as is…

    (By the way, I love the site redesign—I’ve been following your RSS feed for a while, and so haven’t seen the new website—but it looks great!)

    1. Thanks! Redesigning always takes a lot of work, but it’s fun to try to improve. Now I just have to try to get my back-catalog of images up.

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