Rare Fog in the Prairies

This photo was taken late in the evening on our way back from Grasslands National Park a while back. The thick fog softened everything and let the windbreak fade away into nothing. This look reminds me a bit some lomo or holga photos I’ve seen, but I really like that you can see a lot of the detail here, while still retaining that soft dreamy feeling. Although I suppose a big orange light leak would change the photo quite a bit.

4 thoughts on “Rare Fog in the Prairies”

    1. Lomography is photography using really crappy cameras, often with 120 film (which is much larger than the normal 35mm film), and it often has a snapshot aesthetic. Holgas are a common camera to use in lomography. In these cameras the lenses are purposely de-centered to make some parts of the image out of focus. Most of them have plastic lenses which create wacky flare. There are cracks in the camera, which fog the film and create spots and streaks. It’s often considered the hipster form of photography, although the iphone (with associated apps) is gaining popularity in that category too.

      I’ve seen awesome stuff done with lomo cameras, but like anything there’s a lot of crap out there too.

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