Sleeping by the Tracks

Sometimes on roadtrips it can be hard to find a quiet place to sleep. My trip to BC was quite the opposite — there seem to be old abandoned logging roads branching off every few kilometers. This was my home for one night on the way back from BC. The train went by once in the night and woke me up, but I love the sound of trains, and it lulled me back to sleep with dreams of far off destinations.

On a related note, I’m sad to be parting with my old Ford Escort wagon, which has been my home on many a road trip. The transmission went, and it’s an old car, and not worth repairing. I’m now on the hunt for another cheap, old, reliable vehicle that can haul my photos and display to shows, and that can sleep two.

2 thoughts on “Sleeping by the Tracks”

    1. I checked them out, and they look awesome. We ended up with an all-wheel drive minivan, mostly because it was super cheap, but it also has loads of room for camping and hauling stock and gridwall to shows.

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