Learning to Sport Climb

I just got back from learning to sport climb near Canmore. Despite the rainy forecast we actually got a fair bit of nice weather and had a great time! We climbed near Grassi Lakes, Heart Creek, and Wasootch. I can’t wait to get out again and try some lead climbing, as well as some more creative photography. It’s hard to concentrate on photography while I’m learning another thing entirely, but as I get more comfortable with climbing the quality of the photos should go up. Which probably means I should go to the climbing gym, but that’s not nearly as fun as climbing outdoors. Here are a few photos I did manage to get on our trip.

Being belayed down after a successful climb.

Reg belaying as Seb leads one of the routes near Grassi Lakes.

Mike climbing near Grassi.

Seb rappelling down after cleaning the route.

Enjoying a snack break.

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