Camrose Craft Sale

I will be selling prints and cards at the “Spirits of Christmas” craft sale in Camrose, AB at the Camrose Regional Exhibition. There may be a couple of little surprises at my booth too – we’ll see what I can get done in time.

Feel free to stop by just to chat, I’d love to see anyone who can make it.

Friday, Nov 26, noon – 9pm
Saturday, Nov 27, 10am – 6pm
Sunday, Nov 28, noon – 5pm
Entry fee: $5

Liars, Cheats and Thieves

I have a few photos in a photo exhibit at the Artery (9535 Jasper Ave) entitled “Liars, Cheats and Thieves”. It should be a fantastic exhibit with many extremely talented photographers submitting pieces. It opens on Friday September 24, 5pm to 10pm, and I’m very excited to see it all.

Edit: This has now ended.


Quick post today. Kaleido starts at 6:00pm tonight and continues on Saturday and Sunday (Sept 10-12). It is on 118 Ave between 91 Street and 93 Street. I have some prints at the “No-Tie Gala” Art Show & Sale in the Old Cycle Building, and will also be selling prints in the craft tent. Come visit, and enjoy the festival!

A Breath of Fresh Air

Lately there’s been a lot of filling out forms, delivering prints, setting up and taking down displays, and just way too much business stuff in general. I was starting to get tired of it all and questioning this whole photography thing. Then on Wednesday I got the chance to take the day and drive out to Cadomin. Spending the day alone in a beautiful and fascinating place, for me, cures a multitude of ills. This is what I signed up for, and what I love.

This coyote was fun to watch. I first saw him tearing around throwing something in the air and snapping at it. I assumed he’d caught some supper, but it turned out to be a scrap of paper he was playing with. In the middle of his racing around, he stopped for a few seconds, looked at me, smelled the bush next to him, and then took off as fast as he could go. My favorite capture was this one – a peaceful moment in the middle of an energetic playtime.

Getting Lucky

“You got lucky and have a couple good photos. I imagine everyone has a few great pictures on their computer.” These were the words spoken to me today by a “photographer” who saw me selling prints at Folk Fest. It was interesting to hear, and I agreed with him. After all, it is true that many people have a few great photos; it is also true that I occasionally get lucky while taking photos. But I think he was implying that photographers (maybe nature photographers specifically) don’t have control over the quality of their photos. And that is completely false.

I don’t control the weather, the sun, the way the trees grow, or the layout of the mountains. This is the challenge of nature photography – adapting to the environment, finding strong compositions, waiting for or creating the right light. It’s about working with what is there to create a mood, a story, a little world within a frame. This takes a great deal of practice and skill, along with some experimenting. But there’s always a little luck involved.

These are from the Moss Lake trail in Elk Island National Park last night between 10 and midnight. It was overcast and a new moon so – pretty dark. (For what it’s worth, I was trying to create my own luck and time my visit right to catch the perseid meteor shower. As it turns out I had to work with an overcast sky, so I got these instead)

No Photos?!!!

It has been a very full summer. I was selling photos at the Edmonton Folk Fest last week. There was a last minute scramble to get the 11x14s and 16x20s mounted and bagged. We couldn’t find anyone in the city to sell us print racks, so we had to build our own in the space of a couple days. I’m pretty proud of what we came up with – if you want to see them, I’ll be at Kaliedo from September 10-12. There are a number of other changes I want to make to improve my display, but overall I think it looked pretty good, and I had a really good response. I got to meet and talk with a bunch of great and interesting people.

I have a couple photos in the VAAA Open Photo Juried Exhibition. The opening is tonight (August 12, 6:00 – 8:00pm) in the Kaasa Gallery in the Jubilee Auditorium. It will run until September 23.

So no photos for today. I’m hoping to get away from it all for a bit this week. It seems like the more I get into this business of photography the less time there is for it.