Memories of Summer

Just a quick snap today from Grasslands National Park this past summer. This storm should have been a clue not to camp here — the roads are impassible after much rain. As it was, we had a blissfully ignorant night in our tent with thunder rumbling us to sleep. In the morning we barely made it out.

Quiet Mornings II

This is more of an explanation of yesterday’s post than anything else – mostly because I don’t feel like this is as strong of an image, but it does add a lot of information. Its both proof that we got a fire going when everything was completely soaked, and a view of the lake, showing the contents of yesterday’s picture. The lake is fairly small, and the dark lines you see coming in from the sides are the trees on the other side of the lake, mostly obscured by fog. As all good campers should do, we kept the fire on the beach, where it is well away from our tent (bear safety and “sparks melting the tent” safety) and where there is no fuel around or under it to catch on fire. I wouldn’t advocate making new fires on the beach unless they’re small and you can remove all traces of them, but this was in a well established fire pit.

One slightly disturbing thing about Davis Lake is the amount of trash lying around. We tried to clean up a lot of it, but there was still lots remaining. Please, if you go out in the woods at all, pick up at least a little extra trash and pack it out (I’m assuming no one reading this would actually leave trash behind). If everyone does this, eventually we could all have well travelled and unspoiled woods.

And just because I’m not sure it warrants its own post, I’ll add a picture of my tent taken from the beach.

Enjoying Winter Again

Last weekend Anna and I finally got a chance to get out to the mountains, and it was a trip for trying new things. For the first time ever we tried snowshoeing together, cross-country skiing together, and winter camping. I was also giving my Olympus OM-D a torture test to see how much it could replace my Canon 5D kit for hiking.

Snowshoeing works great and is my new favorite way of getting around in winter. It lets me get wherever I want in any conditions with my hands free for photography, which is perfect for me. Skiing was a lot more fun as an activity, but I found it quite hard to mix with photography. Winter camping actually worked a lot better than expected and we slept cosily through the whole night!

I’ll post a review of my little OM-D in a bit, for now I’ll just start posting pictures from it. This photo is from Panther Falls — icicles forming against an overcast sky. I’m looking forward to printing this pretty large — the details in the ice are fantastic!

f7.1, 1/1600 of a second, 100mm
(I’ll be stating actual focal length here, not equivalent – more on this in my OM-D review)