Mossy Stream

I got back from my first ever trip to the east coast a few days ago! I already want to go back, but catching up on real life is important too. I’m not finished going through the photos yet, but this one stood out to me. I’ve always loved the fairy-tale richness of mosses, mushrooms, and small streams. They’re the backdrop for a thousand story lines, and at the same time a peaceful place where nothing needs to happen.

Mossy stream early in the morning in Fundy National Park.
f11, 6 seconds

Learning to Sport Climb

I just got back from learning to sport climb near Canmore. Despite the rainy forecast we actually got a fair bit of nice weather and had a great time! We climbed near Grassi Lakes, Heart Creek, and Wasootch. I can’t wait to get out again and try some lead climbing, as well as some more creative photography. It’s hard to concentrate on photography while I’m learning another thing entirely, but as I get more comfortable with climbing the quality of the photos should go up. Which probably means I should go to the climbing gym, but that’s not nearly as fun as climbing outdoors. Here are a few photos I did manage to get on our trip.

Being belayed down after a successful climb.

Reg belaying as Seb leads one of the routes near Grassi Lakes.

Mike climbing near Grassi.

Seb rappelling down after cleaning the route.

Enjoying a snack break.

A Bloomin’ Gallery Show

The Daffodil Gallery

This Saturday, August 13 from noon to 4pm is the opening for “Blooming“, a new show at the Daffodil Gallery. I’ve got two pieces in this show — one you’ve seen before if you’ve been to the gallery, and the other is new for this show. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be there for the opening, but even without me the gallery is a relaxing and enjoyable place to go and see new art.

Kasaa Gallery

Also coming up soon is the VAAA Open Photo Exhibition. The opening will be Thursday, August 25th from 6 to 8pm at the Kasaa Gallery in the Northern Jubilee Auditorium. I am excited to have two pieces in this show, which is a juried show open to all Alberta photographers. There should be quite a variety of photo styles there.

I may have to get a calendar up on the site to keep track of exhibitions and shows for those interested.

But where are all the photos from BC?

I’m getting there slowly. Everything else is pretty crazy right now, so they’ll start trickling out over the next week or two. To get started, here are some cracked rocks in Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park. This was taken after my first day on the road, which is always a very liberating experience.