Today’s post is dedicated to the life on the prairies: pictures of an old seed cleaning plant, the interior of a wooden grain elevator, some gears from a threshing machine, an abandoned town, and an old radar dome which is a relic from the cold war.

A road trip with Jason is a departure from my normal weekend hike, and brings with it photos I wouldn’t otherwise have taken. It was a great trip through some of my favorite landscapes (eastern Alberta is much more hilly than one would think). But rather than exploring the landscape, we went to all the places between the landscapes – the ghost towns. I’d never been inside an elevator before, not to mention an abandoned radar station. Some people think I’m crazy for hiking alone, but exploring structurally questionable buildings seems much more dangerous to me. It was pretty fascinating though.

Seed cleaning plant:

Threshing machine gears:

An old car on the prairies:

House: destroyed but still standing

Grain elevator interior:

Hah, I snuck in a landscape anyway.

Rusty razor wire – how friendly

The radar dome at Alsask: