Like any self respecting semi-geek, I use firefox (when I’m in windows). So when I redesigned this site recently, I did all my testing in firefox, and it went well. I know IE has weird display glitches with CSS, but those can usually be minimized by keeping your css simple. (heh heh, don’t go inspecting my css now – it’s not *that* clean). So tonight I realized I haven’t looked at my site with Internet Explorer since I redesigned it. So I went peeking around, and it looked pretty good. There were a few little glitches here and there that were pretty simple to fix.

Then I noticed it. The google maps I have in the travel section were not displaying. Weird. Then I go to and click on hybrid (or satellite) and what happens? No map. I even went so far as to go to maps help to try to fix the browser. No luck. So has microsoft done something to IE7 so it won’t work with google maps? Even a little browser like konqueror (KDE‘s web browser) works with google maps.

So anyway, if you’re checking out some travel album, and the maps are blank, try using Firefox instead of IE.

More Programming

So my week off is at an end. On Tuesday I start framing for the summer, so coding will be slowing down significantly. On the upside, I’ve already got a lot of coding done. I’ve got the universe, stars and planets being created nicely. There’s a fancy tech tree all set up, and plenty of methods to work with the environment and the tech tree. Next I’ll be working on the user class. Yes, class – I’m doing this in object oriented PHP. I’ve worked with php a lot before but I’ve never used it in the object oriented sense before. I’m enjoying that quite a bit. I like the object oriented nature and I like that PHP is a lot more compact than Java (my other object oriented language experience).

Once we get something ready for public consumption, I’ll post a link.

Online Game

OK, honestly I don’t know much about game development, but despite that, I’m working on a game. Actually, I believe that right now I’m the sole programmer. At least that’s the interesting part to me – Dave is setting up the rules, interface, and general concept. And that’s a ton of work that I’m happy not doing. So anyway, right now I’m working on the database architecture, and will be doing a bunch of programming, probably in PHP, once the database structure is somewhat solidified. If you want to check out the game go to

What? A Blog!?

Yes, it’s a blog. Does this mean I’ll be blogging? I really don’t know. I’ll still be keeping the photos up to date in the travel and portfolio sections of the site. I’m planning to organize them according to place instead of by date, which will make it easier to find info about places you might be interested in going to. I’m hoping zenphoto will release the next version soon so I can use sub-albums.

Anyway, this is still a work in progress. At least wordpress and zenphoto are pretty well integrated now. I’d like to get a site-wide search working, but that might mean me writing it myself, and that might mean it doesn’t get done. If you’ve checked out the site in the past, let me know what you think about the new version.