Photos at Elm Cafe (and other news)

If you go to the Elm Cafe (on 117 Street just north of Jasper Ave) in the next couple weeks, you’ll be able to enjoy a few of my photos! And you’ll get to enjoy their awesome coffee!

And, as always, you can see my art at The Daffodil Gallery (on 124 Street at 104 Ave).

After a great camping trip in the mountains, I’m back with lots of photos to share. Turns out that with the heavy snowfall this year, we were a couple weeks too early to do a bunch of the hikes we wanted to, but it was a great trip anyway. Apparently I’m starting to become a bit of a birder, but I’m not quite sure how that mixes with my photography yet. I really enjoy being aware of what’s going on around me and knowing what all the sounds are — it makes me feel just a little more connected and less like an outsider when I’m “alone” in the woods. Maybe one of these days, if people are interested, I’ll post some of my bird photos that I took mostly for identification (being a photographer and not a real birder, I have a fairly long lens, but no binoculars). But for now I’ll be posting photos I’m happy with for their aesthetic qualities.

Taken near Sofa Mountain, in Waterton National Park.

Joel Koop at The Daffodil Gallery

I am extremely happy to announce I will be showing my artwork at The Daffodil Gallery, soon opening downtown at 10412 124st NW. The Grand Opening will be on Friday, May 13, but the doors will be open sooner than that. I will post updates as I get them.

This is just a teaser of some of the photos I’ll be displaying – to see them in all their glory you’ll have to go check it out. I am also impressed with the caliber of artwork The Daffodil is gathering. It will be well worth your time to stop by!

The Daffodil Gallery on the internet so far:
Twitter: DaffodilGallery
Facebook: The Daffodil Gallery